ReviewX: Boost your Store With Multi-Criteria WooCommerce Reviews & Rating

If you are looking for a way to increase sales for your WooCommerce store, then we have some good news for you. ReviewX from WPDeveloper is a WordPress solution that helps you increase sales by boosting credibility with multi-criteria WooCommerce reviews and ratings for your WooCommerce products.

Credibility is important for any eCommerce business. This is because most customers tend to purchase products and services that are recommended by others. So if you want to convince a new potential customer to add your products to cart, you might want to display compelling, reliable reviews from other customers on your site.

This is where ReviewX Pro for WooCommerce comes in. With this, you can make your customer feedback more reliable by adding several key details–multiple review criteria, rating statistics, product order status and more.

Why Do You Need Multi-Criteria WooCommerce Reviews?

Product reviews are essential for all types of businesses. The more content rich and detailed they are, the more value they create for your eCommerce store. This is where multi-criteria WooCommerce reviews & ratings can help. With detailed reviews and ratings for multiple criteria, you can gain more credibility to drive sales, improve your WooCommerce store’s reputation, and even score higher on search engine results pages. 

Leverage Credibility With Detailed, Informative Reviews

When new potential customer visit your WooCommerce store, they will want proof that your business is credible, reliable and trustworthy. For this reason, they will want to see detailed reviews about your products, your shipping methods, your purchasing process and much more. 

Make Your Store Stand Out With User-Generated Content 

This include real-life images and videos of your products that help potential buyers see what your product looks like in real life. With ReviewX, you can leverage these user-generated content to enhance your business’s image and reputation.

Engage With Customers To Boost SEO & Gain More Conversions

With ReviewX, you can boost your SEO to rank higher and gain more conversions for your WooCommerce store. When customers are reviewing and rating your products, they can help bring more traffic to your online storee-Commerce business and also create new content for your product pages.

Improve Your Products With Valuable Customer Insight And Feedback

When customers are reviewing your products on the basis of multiple criteria, your business will have a unique opportunity to improve and tailor your products according to their feedback.

What You Get With ReviewX For WordPress

Let’s deep dive into all the amazing features you can get with ReviewX.

Choose Your Own Criteria For Your Product Reviews

With ReviewX you have the flexibility and freedom to choose what criteria to set for your product reviews. For instance, if your WooCommerce store focuses on handbags for women, then you can set up multiple review criteria such as material quality, color, design etc.

Easily Sort Customer Reviews & Ratings

With ReviewX you can filter customer reviews within seconds. ReviewX comes with the option to sort customer reviews and ratings on the basis of recent reviews, photo reviews, text reviews, or top-rated reviews.

Advanced Visual Representation To Display Review Statistics

To add further credibility to your WooCommerce store, you might consider displaying the number of good reviews and ratings your products have received in a statistical format.

Boost Credibility & Increase Engagement With Social Sharing

Posting on social media platforms is a great way to engage and interact with potential customers. To help you boost credibility and increase engagement with future customers, ReviewX comes with a social share feature so your customers can share what they love about your products and services.

Enable Reviews For Product Order Status

The quality of the purchase and delivery process of your online store is just as important as the quality of your products and services. Customers want efficient, easy purchase processes and feedback about their products while they are in transit.

For this reason, ReviewX gives you the option to enable Product Order Status reviews so that customers can give instant feedback about every stage of the purchase process.

Display Reviews With Images & Videos

In general, reviews with images and videos tend to make richer, more compelling customer content than text-only reviews. Furthermore, reviews with images and videos add more credibility as your site visitors can see what your products look like in real life.

Instantly Send Automatic Email Reminders To Customers

Sometimes, customers need to be reminded and asked to leave a review for your WooCommerce products. To help you do this quickly and effortlessly, ReviewX comes with an automatic email reminders feature. All you have to do is customize your email message, and ReviewX will automatically send them to customers to remind them to leave reviews on your website.

Powerful Integration With NotificationX Pro 

NotificationX Pro is a powerful FOMO marketing and social proof solution that you can use to boost sales on your WooCommerce store. It lets you display stunning popup alerts on any page of your website every time a customer purchases your product, leaves a review or makes a comment and much more. NotificationX is trusted by more than 30,000 businesses and can be integrated with ReviewX. This means you can display ReviewX notification alerts for your WooCommerce products on your website to build credibility.

Seamless Compatibility With Elementor 

For those who use the popular drag-and-drop page builder Elementor, you will be happy to know that ReviewX is compatible with the Elementor Editor. By using elements like ‘ReviewX Woo Reviews’ or ‘ReviewX Data Product Data Tabs’ you can display customer reviews for your product stunning away from the Element Editor.

Unlock All Features With ReviewX Pro

To make the most out of ReviewX, you can unlock all exclusive and advanced features by getting ReviewX Pro. With this premium version, you can set unlimited number of review criteria, enable options for video reviews, send bulk review reminder emails, enable admin replies and much more.

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ReviewX Pro is an amazing and useful tool for anyone running a WooCommerce store. There are tons of things you can do with this WordPress solution. Use the power of multi-criteria ratings and reviews to influence your customers, enhance the trustworthiness and reliability of your store, and share what happy customers are saying on your social media.

Source: WPDeveloper