Are the products original? Are the products' licenses the same as the original bought from the developer?

Yes, we offer genuine products with official license and do not deal with any nulled or cracked products at all. The licenses that come with the installations are the same that you would purchase directly from the developers.

Why should I buy from you instead of from the developer?

If you want dedicated support, we encourage you to purchase directly from the developer. However you will not benefit from installation support on your website(s) that we offer and most probably will have to pay a higher price for a license.

Do the products support updates?

When you buy products from our store, you get the original plugins or themes installed, so you can get updates directly through your site's control panel.

Can I use the product on more than one website?

You have the possibility to buy 1, 5 or 10 websites installations. If you buy 1 Website activation you will get a single installation of the product.

Do I get the Serials / License Keys?

This is primarily an installation service. You will not receive the license keys as they will be manually installed by our support team on the website(s) you specify.

How many license installations can I buy?

There are no limitations on this from our end. You can purchase as many licenses as you require. If you need more, you should submit a new order for the new domain separately if you don't want to raise the amount quantity in a single order.

How long will it take to activate the license(s) on my domain(s)?

If we are online, we will install the plugin(s) and activate the license(s) on your website(s) within one to two hours after you give the website temporary access details, though this is frequently much sooner. It might take longer in some circumstances, such as when you order after midnight or on the weekends. However it shouldn't take longer than 72 hours from the purchase.

After purchase, how long do I have to request activations/ installations?

We encourage you to buy as many licenses as you need at the moment you place your order and request activation soon after. However, if you decide to purchase more licenses than you need, you may request activation a year after purchase.

How can I trust sending you my site(s) data to activate the plugin(s) and/ or theme(s)?

We understand your concern and guarantee the confidentiality and security of your information completely. We do not have any goals from your site(s), whatever its/their ranking. Our job ends when we finish the installation and activation of the WordPress theme(s) or plugin(s) that you have purchased.

What to do if I lost my license(s) due to website errors/bugs?

Do not worry if you lose your license(s) for any reason. Simply open a Support Ticket and provide us your temporary login information, when we are online, we will reinstall/ reactivate it/them for you.



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