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Hide My WP Ghost PRO | Original License | One Time Payment | Lifetime Updates

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Hide My WP Ghost Pro is a WordPress security plugin that allows you to hide the fact that your website is built on WordPress, making it more difficult for hackers to target your website.

The plugin adds filters and security layers to prevent Script and SQL Injection, Brute Force attacks, XML-RPC attacks, and more.

Why You Should Buy Hide My WP Ghost PRO:

  • Obfuscation: Hide My WP Ghost Pro obfuscates the WordPress structure and files, making it difficult for attackers to identify your website as a WordPress site.
  • Firewall: Hide My WP Ghost Pro includes a firewall that protects your website against attacks and blocks malicious requests.
  • Brute Force Protection: Hide My WP Ghost Pro includes brute force protection, which blocks repeated login attempts and protects your website against password guessing attacks.
  • Customization: Hide My WP Ghost Pro allows you to customize the plugin’s settings to fit your specific needs, including options for custom paths, firewall rules, and more.

With the lifetime official license, you not only gain access to lifetime updates but also the confidence that you’re using a trusted, legitimate solution.

We don’t handover a license key (this being an installation service) yet you will benefit from the manual installation of the plugin and original license on your website so you can get automatic updates for the product's lifetime.


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