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Advanced Database Cleaner Pro Plugin | Original License | One Time Payment | Lifetime Updates

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Speed up your website by cleaning up your database with Advanced Database Cleaner Pro.

The Pro version of Advanced Database Cleaner will help you remove all those leftovers remaining after deleting a plugin/theme from your WordPress website and perform a deep database clean up and optimization:

  • Clean up Posts Table - Delete old revisions of posts and pages, delete old auto drafts & delete trash posts.
  • Reduce DB size - By deleting unused/orphaned items, you will save space in your database and make quicker backups since the file of your backup will be smaller
  • Detect & delete orphaned tables - You may have orphaned tables that were created by plugins/themes you are not using anymore. Clean up orphaned tables will increase performance
  • Detect & delete orphaned cron jobs - After you uninstall a plugin/theme, some of its cron tasks may still be active making WordPress calling unknown functions.
  • Clean up Expired Transients - Expired transients are temporary options that should not exist in your database since they are expired

With the lifetime official license, you not only gain access to lifetime updates but also the confidence that you’re using a trusted, legitimate solution.

We don’t handover a license key (this being an installation service) yet you will benefit from the manual installation of the plugin and original license on your website so you can get automatic updates for the product's lifetime.


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